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Cremation Arrangements

Cremation doesn’t mean your loved one must be left without a monument. We have many options available for housing and marking cremains (cremation remains) that will provide safekeeping, a sense of closure for your family, and a permanent memorial for your loved one.

  • Urns: Some families prefer to keep the cremains in a special place at home. Urns are available in a number of designs and materials, and can be engraved as desired.
  • Cremation Memorials: Similar to tablet-style headstones, these memorials are built with one or two niches inside to store the cremains, and may be installed in a cemetery, garden, or other outdoor location.
  • Cremation Benches: These granite benches, with all the design features of our other memorials, have niches built into them to receive the cremains of one or two individuals. As well as a memorial, the bench serves as a pleasant location to sit and remember your loved one and enhances the beauty of the space.
  • A Columbarium is a granite structure, similar to a mausoleum, but smaller, and designed instead to hold a number of urns. A small panel is removed and then replaced to add further urns as needed. Again, you may choose to add a brass plaque with each new interment.


brewer bouchey, michigan monuments, headstones

brewer bouchey, michigan monuments, headstones

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