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Monument Styles

A memorial is more than letters and numbers, it is a tribute to a unique life lived and shared with family and friends. There are many different types of memorial, and our Brewer-Bouchey family is ready to assist yours with the process of creating the perfect tribute, one that best suits your loved one.

Our designs include bronze, granite, or bronze on granite, with your choice of lettering style.  The stone is always custom-cut to your order.  We can design custom shapes, and provide a wide variety of ornamentation, such as vases, personal handwriting, computer-aided sandblast designs, ceramic photographs, and statues.

  • Upright Monuments, often called tablets, include both tablet and granite base, offer the most surface for letters and designs. The easiest to read or find at a distance, they come in many shapes and sizes, and may be designed for one or two individuals.
  • Slant Monuments are similar to uprights, but are set at an angle to maintain a lower profile. Available in any size or shape, with or without granite base.
  • Flat Monument styles are raised just a few inches above the ground. Available in a wide variety of designs, it can be made for one or two individuals. Some cemeteries require bronze markers flush to the ground, but don’t worry, we can still include custom designs.
  • Memorial Benches can hold all the information and design of a headstone, while providing a pleasant place for family and friends to rest and reminisce. Look at some of our samples to see if this less-common memorial style is right for you. 
  • The Obelisk is one of the oldest styles of monument. With four tall, vertical sides, and a pyramid point at the top, it is generally used at the center of a family plot to display family information. Other tall designs include the Stele, a tall tablet, the Pedestal, also four sided, but with a flat top and ornate base, and Columnar, or column-shaped memorials.
  • The Ledger is a flat monument designed to cover the entire grave, or to provide access to a vault beneath the ground. It can be combined with an upright or slant marker at the head.
  • The Sarcophagus is an above-ground tomb, designed to hold one or two people.
  • The family Mausoleum, often holding 6-8 crypts, is becoming more popular again due to modern stoneworking efficiencies. Brass plaques are often used to identify the crypt fronts.


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